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Five Points Preview

Hello everyone ! 

My name is Clarissa Paiva, I am an illustrator and artist based in Brasilia, Brazil.

I was scheduled to participate in Five Points Fest Artist's Alley, but as you all know, this date has been pushed forward.

I had many things in store to show everyone, especially my dolls and toys which were being produced and ready for printing and painting, but due to the pandemic my production has altered greatly. Of course I will also have prints, posters, stickers, magnets, postcards as well as originals along with all releases!

That said, I'd like to share many steps that were only available to my Patreon Patrons so far. 

If you'd like to accompany my production, please follow my Instagram: @clarissapaiva 

and if you'd like to support my work on Patreon, my only tier is USD$1, with the current currency exchange rates, just one dollar a month can help my production immensely!



Celeste is my first toy art. She was sculpted on Zbrush and printed in ABS printer, hand painted with airbrush and paint brush. Each edition will be unique as they are individually painted and will have distinct serial number. 

For updates on finalized versions of Celeste, please access my patreon and instagram accounts. 



My first pin designs were designed based on my previous works. 

All pins are being produced locally in Brazil and will be available for purchase with me during the Festival.  


All other wearable art pieces will either be printed in resin or will be mini prints set in metal cabochons ready for use. 


Some pieces will will be limited based on what I have in stock, now sneak peek will only be available a couple of weeks in advance of the actual event. 

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