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Wildling coloring book is a full, 52-page coloring book.

Coloring pages printed on opaque cream polen paper. Printed front and back.

Size: A4 (only size)

Please note that because of weird shipping rules, I can only send the SOFT COVER (cardstock).

Bound in wire spiral, for easy coloring.


All prints are sent in protective envelope with recycled plastic and stiff backing.

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Copyright notice : © Clarissa Paiva
This artwork may not be sold, duplicated or incorporated in commercial products, used for promotional purposes in any manner without my express written permissions or licenses.

Wildling - coloring book

  • Your original item will be shipped in protective paper, recycled stiff backing and plastic sleave. Paper and recycled materials are used as much as possible.

    Please be aware international shipping can take 15-40 days to arrive at it's final destination. Covid restrictions and delays may apply.

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